Few aircraft can match the Hawker Beechcraft King Air. The first, and widely regarded as the best, twin turboprop in its class, King Airs have been in continuous production since 1964, and nearly 7,000 have served diverse missions, including charter operations.

KING AIR 250 Cockpit

BLR Aerospace offers Winglet Systems for the King Air B200, B200C and B200GT.

Hawker Beechcraft has selected BLR Winglets as factory equipment installed on all new King Air 250 aircraft.
NEW with BLR Winglets! Hawker Beechcraft King Air 250 BLR Aerospace Winglet Systems are a key performance enhancement selected by Hawker Beechcraft for its new King Air 250. A series of product enhancements, including Winglet Systems, from industry­leading companies come together to deliver big benefits in the new King Air 250. The addition of BLR Aerospace Winglet Systems increases lift and reduces drag and stall speed. Yet, because of their composite construction, the Winglets add very little weight. New composite propellers and a new ram air recovery system are also key enhancements.
The King Air 250 can be off the ground in about 2,100 feet, allowing it to use airports inaccessible to previous King Airs – and off limits to jets.
All performance information is included in the new Flight Manual Supplement. The new King Air 250 is available from Hawker Beechcraft.
BLR Aerospace applies its aerodynamic expertise and industry experience to develop products that increase gross weights and landing weights, reduce critical V­ speeds, increase cruise speeds, reduce fuel burn, improved field performance and improve handling qualities. We are proud of our work to help King Air operators fly more efficiently and effectively, while enhancing the appearance of their aircraft on the ramp and in the air.

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