We are the main worldwide supplier of advanced flight data and give precise, convenient and significant data and applications over the travel segment to the world’s carriers, air terminals, government offices, flying machine producers, consultancies and travel related organizations.

What is Aerotec Data ?

Aerotec Data is an industry success story and has clearly defined its strategy with a laser-focused approach; becoming digitally transformative has led to unprecedented growth in recent years. 

We have the world’s biggest system of air travel information, including the complete timetables database of more than 900 carriers and more than 4,000 airplane terminals, and the most broad flight status data database in the market. We give extraordinary understanding into booking and arranging, flight status and day-of-travel refreshes, post-travel examination and on-time execution.

Through an unmatched worldwide system of apparatuses, brilliant information, specialists and connections, we open concealed wellsprings of significant worth, empowering clients to enhance and propel their organizations and convey up-to-the-second noteworthy arrangements, shape keen applications and improve business operations to upgrade their clients’ understanding. So, we associate the universe of travel.

Aerotec Data handles more than 52 million records of flight notices every year, forms 1.4 billion demands and keeps on conveying in abundance of 35 million dynamic flight notices day by day.

Easily, seamlessly integrate Aerotec Data’s highly accurate, timely and actionable schedules and real-time flight and weather into your applications and systems.

Choose from real-time flight status and weather, real-time flight schedules changes, plase contact us and continually updated historical flight status dating back to 2007, and flight notifications for businesses providing travel services.